I am home, finally

I am home and I am very happy.
I took my first bath and enjoyed it so much: ahhh the relaxing warm water!
I sleep a lot in these days and cry very little, only when strictly necessary (hungry!), same as my sister did when she was my age (age! hahaha!) 😛
Daddy made a website for me, but it will take some more work to make it beautiful. For the time being, it’s a good place to start publishing my photos and showing myself 🙂
Everybody says I am a little giant, but I want to eat eat eat and become much much bigger 😀
World, get ready for me 😉

Uriel at home

I am home and immediately started checking if everything’s ok 🙂

3 thoughts on “I am home, finally

  1. 你好,我的小墨源!我是妈妈。首先妈妈希望你喜欢这个名字,我相信那时上帝霎那间赐予的礼物; 在经历了生和死的两关你和妈妈一起的努力和坚强开启了你的人生之门,妈妈希望你的人生之路健康,自由,快乐。。。妈妈希望你像鸟儿一样自由的在这个世界品尝人生百味。爸爸妈妈爱你!

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